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Batavia police respond to bar brawl at Bulldog’s Cellar

BATAVIA – Bulldog’s Cellar, 1 E. Wilson St., Batavia, was the site of a bar fight April 3, in which police were called after an employee was punched in the face and a woman was also struck, according to a police report released after a Freedom of Information Act request.

Police were called at 10:45 p.m. that night to separate the parties who were fighting, the report stated.

“Officers stood in front of (a customer) to block (his) path towards (the employee) and noted that (he) was pushing against officers to try to bypass them,” the report stated. “Officers noted that the (customer) had (his) fists clenched, was screaming, and was trying to get at (the employee).”

Earlier, an employee who unclogged a toilet outside the rear north patio of the bar saw two men arguing on the lower level southeast corner of the bar, the report stated.

The employee “walked over to both subjects and was about to attempt to diffuse the situation when one of the male subjects pushed the other aggressively,” the report stated.

The employee “immediately wrapped up the aggressor by placing (his) arms around (the man’s) upper body and head area. … (And) was escorting the aggressor out of the bar when an unknown subject attempted to come between them,” the report stated.

This third man was pulling on the employee, so he swung his right hand at him and eventually, escorted the aggressor out of the bar, the report stated.

It was at that point, the employee saw that a woman was injured and he got an ice pack for her, the report stated. The report did not state where the woman was injured, due to its redactions.

One person wanted to pursue criminal charges for battery, but the report stated, “After obtaining all initial statements and reviewing the video, it was determined that probable cause did not exist to (make an) arrest.”

Police were called to a bar fight at Bulldog’s Cellar in November last year.

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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