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Joliet creates BYOB option for restaurants, event spaces

Joliet restaurants now have a BYOB option, and event spaces that allow people to bring liquor will be required to get a license.

The Joliet City Council on Tuesday approved a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) provision for the city’s liquor code to cover establishments that want to allow customers to bring their own beer, wine or spirits.

“That’s very common in many places,” Assistant City Attorney Chris Regis told the council before it voted. The BYOB provision “brings that option here,” he said.

Particularly, he said, the BYOB provision will apply to businesses that currently provide event space allowing people to have parties and bring liquor but do so without liquor licenses.

“There are at least three that I know of in town,” Regis said. “We know alcohol is is served in these places. They’re not licensed to do that.”

The BYOB provision provides restaurants and banquet facilities the option to allow customers to bring their own beer or wine.

It gives event spaces the option of allowing people to bring their own beer, wine or alcoholic liquor while the facility is being rented.

Establishments are not required to make the BYOB option available to customers. Restaurants and banquet facilities that do make the BYOB option available are allowed to charge a corkage fee, a charge to customers who want to bring their own alcohol.

The council voted 8-0 for the BYOB provision.

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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