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Letter: Car dealer’s sign was disrespectful

To the Editor:

“Drug dealers, terrorists, sex offenders and new strains of covid (are) coming over the border. … ” McHenry car dealer Gary Lang must have forgotten about our own homegrown domestic terrorists who recently invaded the Capitol, or our own Sackler family of opioid fame and sex offenders. We have plenty of them here already. There are new strains of COVID-19 in Brazil, but also in the UK, South Africa and others coming in from around the world, I’m sure. For Mr. Lang and Mayor Wayne Jett to not understand initially how this is racist, is tone-deaf and, at worst, xenophobic.

The reference to Vice President Harris as “Kamala” I found disrespectful. A lot of women and Hispanic people in McHenry County buy cars. I don’t consider his marquee a very smart business move.

Kathy Freund

Crystal Lake

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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