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Letter: Election ballot disappointing

To the Editor:

The April 6 election ballot is disappointing because some offices have no candidate, indicating lack of public interest. Secondly, the Republican candidate slate for Oswego Township is three candidates selected at a caucus meeting by a small number of precinct committeemen; while abiding by election rules, the meeting was not widely advertised for public attendance and input. Not getting any candidates for trustee at the caucus, the Republican Township Committee invited anyone who wanted to run to submit and added two more names to the slate.

I believe selecting candidates is best accomplished with transparency, making availability for many candidates to compete in a primary instead of a caucus. Therefore, my recommendation for Oswego Township trustees are Jacobsen, Bush, Small and Wade, who are conservatives running as Independents. I endorse Tom Cook for highway commissioner. He promises to continue the procedures that provided excellent service the past four years.

To continue reduced spending and avoid tax increases in Oswego, consideration should be given to trustee candidates Jennifer Jones Sinnott, Kit Kuhrt and Tm Guist, who are knowledgeable and fiscally responsible.

Do not vote for any school board candidate who has a personal agenda or is lacking of good character.

Leland H. (Lee) Hoffer


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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