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Letter: Fossil fuels here to stay

To the Editor:

The president gave a speech about the soaring gasoline prices and discussing what should be done about them. Gas has jumped 45% in just seven months. Mr. President, do you need to have the proverbial house to fall on you for answers and solutions?

During your campaign, you told the public that you were going to work to eliminate fossil fuels. When elected, you shut down the Keystone pipeline, a significant avenue from Canadian oil production to the U.S. You put thousands out of work in the process.

Having shut that down, you revoked drilling rights of companies in the ANWAR wilderness that even wildlife mostly avoids. These actions lead to snags and roadblocks in the supply chain and more reliance on overseas suppliers and higher crude oil prices.

Mr. President, you need a meeting to discuss higher gas prices and solutions to the problem? All you have to do is sit in on a high school freshman economics class to figure out what to do.

You cannot eliminate fossil fuels. Just about everything from cars to medical supplies are made of plastic and plastic comes from petroleum. Environmental groups actually think by eliminating fossil fuels the earth will be saved. Folks, the earth isn’t going anywhere. Mr. Biden, why don’t you actually lead the country rather than kowtow to special interest groups. $2 a gallon gasoline actually helps the middle to lower classes who can’t afford $3-plus fuel.

Don Lass


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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