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Letter: Good job, Joe

To the Editor:

Well, in just four short months, Joe Biden has managed to produce 5% inflation, the largest increase in 15 years.

I get the fact that Democrats hated Trump, but not every Trump economic policy and issue needed to be overturned. Revoking drilling permits in a wilderness that even wildlife avoids adds to our dependence on Middle Eastern oil producers. Way to go, Joe.

The southern border is a complete snafu. Kamala [Harris], who is in charge, has yet to see the mess firsthand. All she did when confronted by liberal Lester Holt was produce that silly giggle of hers. Very vice-presidential indeed.

Yes folks, the hits will keep on coming. Corporations will be taxed at a higher rate, only to pass it on to the consumer. More cash will be tossed around that will basically pay folks not to work. Good job, Joe, good job.

Don Lass


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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