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Letter: Hardworking professional

To the Editor:

I’ve lived in Oswego Township going on 46 years and I’ve worked at Caterpillar and Novotny Engineering for most of that time. Now I’m running for the Oswego Township highway commissioner’s office because I see a need to improve the township’s infrastructure and home values.

My opponents have other businesses that they own and will not divest themselves from them. I don’t. My opponents know very little about road design and construction. I know a lot.

When it comes to running a crew, we all know how to do that, but who will give up their interest in a business? I don’t have an interest in a business.

The commissioner’s responsibility is a 24/7, 365-day job that can’t be done and run a side business on township time.

Look, if you want to back the “Good Old Boys Club” and find out just how bad things can get, (will we have another Chuck Gowdy exclusive?) vote for my opponents. However, if you want a hardworking professional to bring his expertise to the department, please vote for me.

Claude Ainsworth


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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