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Letter: Hoping for better plan for Fox River site

When I looked at the artist rendering in the Northwest Herald of the apartments proposed for the McHenry sewer plant site, I thought, “That doesn’t look too bad.” When I looked across the river from the site, I found the rendering quite deceptive.

1. The seawall was depicted at approximate 3-feet above the river level, not the 12-foot-plus that now exists.

2. The 4-and-a-half-story buildings would have to be higher than any of the trees along the river, or 50 feet or more tall, higher than any building that I know of along the river.

My kudos go to the aldermen for rejecting the McHenry Fox River “eye sore.”

Hopefully the property will have an aesthetically pleasing future.

Paul Wember


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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