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Letter: How can one party refuse to bring up bills?

To the Editor:

I’m a little confused.

I thought I learned in my high school civics class that the Senate was the deliberative body of the legislative branch of the federal government.

So how can one party, when they were in the Senate majority, refuse to bring bills up for deliberation? And how can this party, now in the minority, justify shutting down deliberations on a bill if the purpose of the Senate is to deliberate? Shouldn’t all the members of the Senate be allowed to voice their opinions before (and if) a bill comes up for a vote?

Do we, the American people, want to accept the fact that one of the legislative branches of our federal government will forever be a roadblock and that nothing may ever be accomplished? Are we willing to accept this as the status quo no matter which party is creating the roadblock? If not, what are our solutions?

Antoinette Vella


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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