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Letter: Keep the Byron and Dresden power plants running

To the Editor:

I applaud State Sen. Sue Rezin’s op ed in the Aug. 31 Chicago Tribune titled “Illinois running out of time to save jobs and protect energy future.” I am not a fan of nuclear energy, but I agree it would be a huge step backward in the fight to contain climate change if we allow ComEd to close the Byron and Dresden nuclear plants from which 90% of Illinois’ carbon-free energy comes from. The Illinois legislature needs to work out an agreement before these carbon-free energy plants close next month.

The U.S. incurs an estimated $800 billion in costs per year from environmental and health harms due to carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels. The stakes are high and time is running out. We cannot delay any longer, hoping the federal infrastructure package will get passed in order to keep these carbon-free plants running.

Ken Mozingo


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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