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Letter: Let’s be considerate and fair

To the Editor:

When one of us is beaten down, we are all beaten down. I have to stand up for the one I feel was beaten down in the Portillo’s incident.

To whitewash the racial aspect out of it does not lessen the trauma felt by him or any empathetic person who can imagine that incident happening to them or one of their loved ones.

Even if they were the same race, just the difference in their ages and the rapid escalation of anger over a spilled milkshake is cause for concern. As a mom, could you tolerate that behavior if your youngest was accosted by your eldest over the same thing?

Try to imagine how both of your children would go on through life if no correction was made to deter that behavior in the future. Which one would feel the power of their actions? Which one would feel powerless?

Different races and ages are all part of the same human family. Let’s be considerate and fair in all our actions toward one another, regardless of our race or age. Let’s each give the best of ourselves in words and actions to teach one another how best to live well together.

If we don’t face issues honestly and head on when they happen, we doubtless will face them again and again.

Judy Siedlecki


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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