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Letter: Made in the USA? Check that label

To the Editor:

When is the last time you bought a non-grocery item made in the U.S.? These days, so much of what we purchase is made overseas. Case in point: We recently hosted an Asian guest who wanted to buy an American souvenir. She returned home with nothing because everything of interest was made in China. This was not the case in the past, when American manufacturing created good jobs with pensions, a host of products, a positive trade balance, and an enviable economy. There are still many good American manufacturers, but these days you may have to search them out.

If you would like to support American workers, reduce the trade balance and support companies that give back to their communities; just do a little reading. Consumer Reports suggests that we begin to read labels. Assembled in the U.S., for example, is not the same as made in the U.S. Consult websites that offer information on where to buy American. And request information from manufacturers. Every American purchase that we make helps a company, a town relying on that company for jobs and the economy as a whole. Some help our veterans, in particular.

For a small investment of time, we can make a difference, one purchase at a time. Don’t you think it is time to buy where it counts?

Susan Brambert Shields


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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