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Letter: Plenty of blame to go around

This is in response to a recent letter bashing President Biden’s administration and our military’s heroic evacuation of over 120,000 Americans and allies, courageously ending America’s longest war.

There is plenty of blame game to go around for this 20-year $2 trillion American debacle.

From the Bush administration’s refusal to accept the Taliban’s turnover of Bin Laden in 2001, instead, lying to America in order to invade both Iraq and Afghanistan to enhance his self-proclaimed “political capital.”

To the Obama administration’s failed goal of withdrawal in 2013, after Bin Laden faced justice, when Obama capitulated to the Military-Industrial Complex and their Republican cohorts to continue the war-for-profit machine funded by taxpayers.

To the Trump administration’s “Art of the Deal” style negotiation with Taliban terrorists, while omitting our Afghan allies. The February 2020 misguided negotiated release of 5,000 ISIS and Taliban criminals led to strengthening the Taliban offensive and emboldened the ability of an ISIS suicide bomber to murder 13 of our patriotic military heroes along with hundreds of Afghan allies.

To the Biden Administration’s overconfidence and faith in a well-trained and equipped military to defeat the Taliban militants. A cowardly military and government who folded like a deck of cards in a matter of days. Now we must pray for successful repatriation, with diplomatic pressure, those who chose not to or could not meet the extended deadline.

The letter writer then claims that a Trump Afghan exit would have played out any better? As if Trump had a plan? I suppose he forgot the fact that over 400,000 unnecessary COVID-19 deaths, according to Dr. Deborah Birx, could have been prevented if not for the lies, criminal negligence, dereliction of duty, and abdication of his oath of office from to the pathological liar, con man’s failure of governance through his pandemic response.

One thing is for sure, though. See you at the polls. Because We the People of the educated, informed, patriotic majority, will never allow another treasonous, seditious, fascist demagogue nor his cult of sycophants to ever come near the White House again.

Bob Janz


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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