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Letter: Reelect Doug Westphal

To the Editor:

Doug Westphal is the road commissioner that shows up. I have had the pleasure of hearing from many deputies and dispatchers that when they call Doug for assistance, he is readily available and many times en route before they even call. When other road commissioners are unavailable, Doug volunteers his time to help keep all Kendall County communities safe.

Doug goes above and beyond for Kendall Township, much of the maintenance is done by Doug himself, instead of being outsourced. This is not a job requirement but a huge asset and cost savings for the taxpayers of Kendall Township.

Since the beginning of the campaign, Doug’s goal has been to show Kendall Township what he can do for them. Doug has ran a respectable campaign based on facts.

A vote for Doug is a vote for self-sufficient operations within Kendall Township and a candidate who enjoys working for you and looks forward to working with you.

Ashley Hartman


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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