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Letter: Simple gun owner’s licensing

To the Editor:

A talking head on a Sunday morning show put forth a fantastic idea for owning a gun. Why not have a license and training for different types of guns? It would be similar to a vehicle license process.

If I wanted to drive a four-wheel vehicle, I would get the basic license and an ability test. If I was dumb enough to get the organ donor license to operate a motorcycle, I also would have to demonstrate my ability. If I wanted to drive an 18-wheeler, I would need a special license and the ability to drive it. There used to be other classifications for other vehicles.

His idea seemed to be a very sensible way to handle some of the concerns of more than 70% of the American public. Just as with vehicle licenses, the costs would go up with each level of skill required. It’s the same with a pilot’s licenses.

The obvious criteria would be a low price for each hunting rifle and shotgun, a higher price for a revolver, higher for a semi-automatic, additional cost for an extended magazine, a high cost for any weapon that can be considered an assault weapon. Possession of any gun for which the owner or possessor isn’t properly licensed would result in a substantial fine and/or imprisonment. I would suggest the fine be a minimum cost equal to 10 years for the proper license and loss of all weapons.

Chuck Johnson


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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