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Letter: Stand up and speak out

To the Editor:

The American political system works best when there are at least two parties. However, there’s nothing in the Constitution that says one of them has to be the Republican Party. And if the GOP signs on to the suicide pact proposed by Donald Trump, that no Republicans should vote until he is returned to office, then it will lose whatever tenuous ranking it now holds as a party and will have crossed over into cult status.

There’s not much to like about today’s Republican Party. But in its past, its pre-Trump past, it was a party of ideas – ideas that served as pragmatic counterweights to other ideas that, albeit well-intentioned, might have appeared excessive. It was also a party of giants, not just in intellect, but in principle. Men and women who not only stood out, but when the time came, stood up. In 1950, Margaret Chase Smith, the only woman in the U.S. Senate, publicly condemned Joe McCarthy for his demagoguery. In 1974, Barry Goldwater told Richard Nixon he’d lost the support of the Republican Party, and needed to resign the presidency. And more recently, John McCain, risked Trump’s wrath, and defended the Affordable Care Act.

Members of the GOP still capable of independent thought need to stand up and speak out about the direction of their party.

John Morello


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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