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Letter: Time to reexamine

To the Editor:

It’s wise to reexamine ourselves, to make sure we’re on God’s good side.

God is righteous and he hates sin. We all hate sin, too. And one of the sins God particularly hates is murder. And especially of children. We know that; we agree with him, and we don’t want to be on his wrong side about it.

Each of us has his own belief about when life begins and whether we are entitled to end that life. But God doesn’t make policy based on our beliefs; he won’t care at all what justification we offer. He doesn’t deal in “your truth” or “my truth”; he is truth. And he said, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.” He has known each of us since conception. And he regards each of us as his children. Do we have a different opinion? If we do, then it would be wise to bring our opinion in line with God’s while we still can.

Those nations God destroyed had their reasons for sacrificing children. God was unimpressed; he isn’t going to be any more impressed by ours.

If we’re guilty of murder or of encouraging someone to commit murder or been complicit by just being in favor of it, we have the opportunity to come right with God. He is the God of forgiveness and second chances. Each of us has sinned, and his response? He gave up his son to pay the debt each of us owes for our sins because he loves us. Agree with God, ask him to cleanse you, give him your life, and he will make something new out of it. And he will welcome you to his home when you enter eternity.

If you are unsure if that is how God really feels, ask him. Seek him, wanting to know if you have gotten on his bad side, wanting to know if he really will cleanse you, ask him. He will answer. Because he loves you. When each of us stands before him in judgment, he wants to say “Well done, my good and faithful servant” as he welcomes us into heaven.

Scott A. Nolan

Attorney at Law

Crystal Lake

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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