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Letter: Vandalism ruins the view

To the Editor:

I work in Sterling and live in Rock Falls. Every morning I am blessed on my way to work to travel the Route 40 bridge over the Rock River into Sterling.

In doing so I am favored by the beauty of the Sterling skyline. I can look to the west and see the National Manufacturing building and then to the right the Lawrence Brothers building. It doesn’t get any better than this. The Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls pale in comparison. The newly completed Holiday Inn Express actually charges and receives a premium for this view that I enjoy for free.

The other morning, I was aghast to see the recent vandalism done to the roof of the one-story connecting building of the Lawrence campus. The perpetrators tried painting slogans on the roof material, and it was clearly done with malicious intent.

Is nothing sacred anymore?

Anthony Valentino, Rock Falls

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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