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Letter: What next?

To the Editor:

Would you believe a house could be built using a 3D printer? I have now seen pictures of modules and other construction done by, yes, a 3D printer. Granted, it is 11 feet tall. And the printer can be hauled to a job site to do its work. Somehow, concrete and other material is poured in (instead of printing ink), and lo and behold out comes a house. Somewhere I read about a project in Mexico where 200 homes were to be built for people in poverty

I have a picture of a beautiful backyard studio-sized building. Here are a couple of quotes from the Trib.

“Now a small number of startups around the world are applying 3D printing to home construction, arguing that it’s faster, cheaper and more sustainable than traditional construction.”

“Proponents note that printing houses rather than nailing them together could save huge quantities of scrap wood, metal and other discarded construction materials that are dumped into landfills every year.”

We see this in the new home going up just a block north of us – big dumpsters to haul away the scrap.

Rev. Bob Dell


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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