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Longevity and Impact on Your Future Retirement

The average live expectancy in the United States has increased, but do you know how that impacts your future retirement?

According to a recent report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Americans are living longer and fewer are dying from major diseases now compared to 40 years ago.

Take this quiz:

1. A male age 55 is expected to live to: A) 73 or B) 83

2. A woman age 55 is expected to live to: A) 79 or B) 86?

3. If a 55-year-old requires long-term care at age 85 just two years of care would cost about: A) $480,000 or B) $245,650?

4. Non-skilled assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL), which make up the majority of long-term care services, are paid for only by: A: Health Insurance; B: GI Bill; C: Medicare; D: Long-Term Care Insurance

5. Which one of your adult children would be responsible for being your caregiver?

The answers to the above questions may surprise you. A male age 55 is expected to live to age 83, and a woman age 55 is expected to live to 86. Two years of long term care would cost about $480,00, and non-skilled assistance with ADL is paid for only by Long-Term Care Insurance.

Only you can answer the final question.

“The cost and impact of long-term care on your future retirement should be considered in your planning,” said Matt McCann a nationally known speaker on long-term care issues and an expert on Long-Term Care Insurance planning.

“Long-Term Care Insurance is Easy and Affordable asset protection. It also reduces the burdens placed on your family,” McCann said.

McCann assists people nationwide using his unique process where they speak with him on the phone while viewing his computer screen on their computer. He works with all the major companies in Long-Term Care.

McCann recommends several reference websites for research:

LTC News offers articles and resources:

US Department of Health and Human Services:

McCann’s website also features several outstanding resources.

McCann Insurance Services: 866.751.7957:

Matt McCann, is recognized as one of the nation’s leading Long-Term Health Care (LTC) specialists and a nationally known speaker on Long-Term Health Care issues. Since 1998, Matt has been a leader in finding solutions for the physical, emotional and financial burdens LTC places on the American Family. He has been recognized by the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance as one of the top specialists in the country. The AALTCI has listed him among the top 10 Long Term Care Specialists in the country. Matt is also one of the selected few specialists in the nation endorsed by the AALTCI. Matt is also certified for the Long-Term Care Partnership Programs available in most states.

For more information on how McCann Insurances can help you, please visit

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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