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Looming Retirement Needs Long-Term Care Plan

How much are you pouring into 401(k), IRA 403(b) and other savings so you can, at some point, enjoy a successful retirement? As we get to age 50 the idea of retirement starts to become real.

If you are doing everything right you’re set. Not so fast. Healthcare costs, specifically Long-Term Care, will derail your plan and impact you, your savings, your family and your lifestyle according to a well-known expert in long-term care planning.

Matt McCann, who has been dealing with these issues since the late 90′s, sees firsthand the impact of the financial costs and burdens of aging.

“Remember, this can happen at any age. People need long-term care due to illness, accident or the impact of aging. Costs are generally not paid for by health insurance or Medicare. Medicaid will pay for long-term care if you’re poor or become poor. From a retirement planning perspective, we must put in place a way to safeguard your savings while at the same time reduce the burden care places on family,” McCann says.

A common misperception is Long-Term Care Insurance is expensive.

“An LTC policy is very affordable. Many of my clients are amazed how affordable it is. Most financial planners or insurance agents don’t understand policy design, underwriting or even how these policies get used at time of claim. Since I work with all the major companies I can make the appropriate recommendations based on a consumer’s specific situation,” McCann noted.

The best time to plan is before you retire, ages 45-60, it is never too late. However, he says you can’t wait till you have poor health or too old as you will not be eligible for coverage.

McCann works with clients nationwide using his unique technology so you see his computer screen while you speak to him on the phone. You can learn your options, ask questions and get professional recommendations. This way you can get the best coverage at the best value.

McCann recommends several reference websites for research:

LTC Planning News offers articles and resources:

US Department of Health and Human Services:

Free LTC Quotes:

McCann’s website also features several outstanding resources.

McCann Insurance Services, 866-751-7957,

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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