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Montgomery police issue warning for rental property scam

Renters beware: Montgomery police have issued a warning for a scam targeting rental property owners and is currently investigating “multiple incidents” of reported scams in the village.

“In these investigations, the victims/renters locate rental properties online (commonly Facebook Marketplace) and begin to speak with a person claiming to be the landlord of a property for rent,” a post to the Montgomery Police Department Facebook page read.

“They set up a time to do a walkthrough of the property and are instructed that a key is left under the front door mat, or the door is unlocked. The ‘landlord’ is not present during the walkthrough and never meets the victim/renters,” the post continued.

After an agreement is made to rent the property, the renters/victims are asked to send rent money and a security deposit in the form of a cashier’s check.

“Upon move in date, the keys are not provided and they ultimately learn that the ‘landlord’ did not own the property or have any legal rights to the property,” the post explained.

Police said that it is important to be cautious when seeking out rental properties, “especially via online platforms such as Facebook Marketplace.”

“Any incidents of this type of fraud or deceptive practice should be reported to the police department having jurisdiction,” the post continued.

Those who believe they are a victim of this scam, or know someone who is, and the rental property is located in the village of Montgomery, are encouraged to contact the Montgomery Police Department’s non-emergency phone number, 630-553-0554, to make a police report.

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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