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Mort’s Pub charity golf outing raises $5,000 for La Salle Veterans Home

Following an increasingly successful charity golf outing, representatives from Mort’s Pub in La Salle presented a check for $5,000 to the Illinois Veterans Home in La Salle.

The event organizers set out with a goal to double last year’s total of $2,500; a goal they were able to accomplish thanks to the support and cooperation of the individuals and businesses in the area.

“Everyone’s just been really generous and then we put together a steak fry afterward,” Corrigan said. “We had some volunteers cook the steaks and had tables full of prizes.”

Corrigan, owner Ed Moriarty and organizer Don Bollis were in attendance Monday as they handed the check to La Salle Veterans Home Representative Susan Scully with the money they were able to raise.

“It feels awesome, it feels awesome to get everybody together and to donate to an awesome cause,” Moriarty said. “It’s nice because you get family members that will sponsor a hole because one of their loved ones has passed away; just to have their name out on a hole is great for them.”

The event initially began as an idea to get together and raise some money for a good cause but has since become something that many around the area enjoy and support.

The Mort’s Pub charity golf outing began four years ago when they came together to raise around $900 in the first year. The group then came back in year two to raise $1,900 and then $2,500 during last year’s event.

“It was small the first year,” Corrigan said. “The first year we had 24 golfers and still raised $900. This year we had 68 golfers.”

Corrigan mentioned the support continues to grow as they are seeing repeat visitors and even more people reaching out to offer support.

Many supporters and businesses put together baskets to either hand out for free or to be raffled off and the event created an increasing list of 44 hole sponsors and 30 donors that came together to support the cause.

“It’ll get bigger,” Corrigan said. “There’s a lot of area that we didn’t cover. Pretty much everywhere we went there weren’t many that said no to donate a door prize or raffle or be a sponsor.”

Bollis even mentioned that at their rate or growth they would love to hit their goal of raising $10,000 for next year’s outing.

The event was conducted at Spring Creek Golf Course outside of Spring Valley. The organizers mentioned they have been a strong supporter of the event since its beginnings.

Giving the funds to the Veterans Home was a no-brainer as the organizers and participants hold many ties to the organization. Moriarty is a veteran himself and his stepfather once lived at the Veterans Home.

Around 15 veterans played in the gold outing themselves and the family ties those that participated have to the armed forces is seemingly endless.

The Veterans Home plans to use the funds to assist in installing pavers and awnings to create shade in the courtyards for the resident to use.

This will allow residents and their families or staff to be able to enjoy the weather without sitting in full sun.

“It’s awesome (to have the community support,)” Scully said. “It’s always great to feel the warmth of the community, who is always giving to make life better here for our residents.”

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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