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National Self-Care Day proclaimed for April 5

GURNEE — It’s time to put yourself first for a change! April 5 has been proclaimed as National Self-Care Day. Think of it as a day to take a break from daily worries and devote our focus to ourselves.

Chicago area personal development coach Laura Schwartz is the driving force behind National Self-Care Day. She knew the stress of work, worrying about loved ones and a global pandemic was taking its toll on many people. She realized we were all headed into a different world and these changes into the unknown were going to bring about a new level of stress. Schwartz recognized many of us were going to have to take a step back and invest some time in ourselves, so she developed the concept of a Self-Care Day and won official certification for the occasion from the National Day Archives. This is the first year National Self-Care Day will be observed.

Taking part is easy. Schwartz will be available on this inaugural Self-Care Day for interviews to explain the genesis of the day and ways to celebrate “you.”

Here are the “Nifty Nine”

1) Give the smartphone the day off.

2) Head outside and take a walk or hike and enjoy the fresh air.

3) Laugh! Find something funny to do and literally laugh out loud, even if you’re by yourself!

4) Dance! Crank up the music and just let go and move.

5) Cook your favorite meal, just for yourself. 6) Do something unexpected and nice for someone. It’s amazing how this can lift your mood!

7) Hug someone you know and feel safe around.

8) Watch the sun rise or set.

9) Have a social night with friends.

Schwartz stresses “Self-care is finding something that helps you to release negative energy and re-fuels your mind, body and soul to feel more positive! Self-care is finding something you truly enjoy doing that feeds your emotional, physical, and mental energy and gives you a renewed sense of tenacity so that you can continue to be a pillar of strength!”

Schwartz is an intuitive personal development coach, specializing in transitions, stress management, self care, and mindset strategies. She is a Certified Life Coach, (CLC) through Life Purpose Institute in San Diego. She also recently completed The Sage Method intuitive course. She has successfully counseled musicians, actors, writers and empty nesters nationwide, directing their energy into more positive, purposeful lifestyles.

If you would like more information about National Self Care Day, please call Laura Schwartz at 847-899-0443, or email

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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