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Order half-price rain barrels and benefit The Conservation Foundation

Oswego’s water comes from underground aquifers that are being depleted faster than they’re being replenished. That means that in Oswego, #EveryDropCounts!

One simple way to conserve water (and maintain a beautiful garden) is to use a rain barrel. Rain barrels help conserve water by collecting rainwater from your rooftop and storing it for later use in the garden, saving you money on watering. The rain water collected is softer than tap water, too, making rain barrels a great way to water delicate plants in your landscape.

The Village of Oswego has partnered with The Conservation Foundation and Upcycle Products, Inc. to make rain barrels available to our residents at discounted rates. A 55-gal. rain barrel costs just $60 plus tax — about half the price you’d pay on Amazon — and proceeds benefit The Conservation Foundation and their work preserving habitats in Oswego and across the Chicagoland region. Bonus: These rain barrels are upcycled from old containers, so they take plastic out of the waste stream, too.

Order online by April 21, and your rain barrel will be delivered to the Oswego Public Works Facility, 100 Theodore Drive, for pick-up during the week of April 26-30. You can also order online and pay by mail with a check (mail-in orders due April 19).

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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