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Oswego Police: Portillo’s fight triggered by spilled drink in drive-thru

An Oswego Police Department investigation remains ongoing related to a Sunday, May 16 altercation between a white customer and a black employee at the Portillo’s restaurant in the 2800 block of Route 34 in the village, per a press release, and the department is reviewing its investigation with the Kendall County State’s Attorney’s Office to determine “the next course of action.”

Oswego police confirmed that the fight between a 48-year-old Aurora man and the 18-year-old employee from Montgomery began over a spilled beverage while the customer was in his vehicle at the drive-thru. The ensuing argument reportedly turned physical when the customer excited his vehicle.

The employee suffered a sprained elbow and had hair ripped from his head during the fight, while the customer had injuries to his face and “abrasions on other areas of his body,” police said in a press release Tuesday.

Authorities have since interviewed both men. The customer reportedly came voluntarily after the incident to the village police department to speak with law enforcement officials, while the employee spoke with police Monday evening.

“We understand the concern over this incident in the community and are working to gather information as quickly as possible to understand the full picture of what transpired,” Oswego Police Chief Jeff Burgner said in the press release.

“Given community tension around this incident, it is our goal to ensure that this investigation is conducted throughly and accurately to ensure justice for the parties involved,” Burgner said.

Police have reviewed security camera footage from the Portillo’s in addition to videos posted to social media not initially given to first responders.

A video of the fight’s aftermath was posted to social media on Sunday, and reportedly shows the white customer pinning the black employee on the ground outside the drive-thru. As the employee yells, the customer says “he (expletive) attacked me” as other employees plead with the customer to “get off of him.”

None of the video footage obtained showed the start of the altercation, police said, though they are “continuing to review the multiple videos and conduct additional interviews to obtain clarification of what initiated the physical confrontation.”

The Oswego Police Department said it is seeking any additional witnesses or recordings of the fight as the investigation continues.

Anyone who witnessed the incident or who may have information is urged to please contact the police department at 630-551-7300.

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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