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Oswego School District 308 Board OKs referral incentives for district’s support staff

Members of the Oswego Education Support Professionals Association are now eligible to receive a one-time referral incentive as a result of action taken this week by the Oswego School District 308 Board of Education.

The OESPA is the bargaining organization for the district’s teacher assistants, nurses, secretaries, technology specialists and sign language interpreters.

The board voted unanimously Tuesday evening, Oct. 12, to approve a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the OESPA that calls for the district to offer a $250 referral incentive to any OESPA-covered employee “who refers a candidate for any vacant OESPA-covered position that is fully qualified for the vacant position at the time of application, is hired for the vacant position and remains employed in the vacant position for the duration of the probationary period.”

The incentive will be available until Feb. 1.

“The referral incentive shall be paid on the regularly scheduled payday following the referred candidate’s successful completion of the probationary period and is contingent on the referring employee being employed in an ‘active’ status in an OESPA-covered position on said payday,” the MOU reads.

Proof of referral, in the form of a signed and dated statement by the referred candidate, will need to be submitted to the district’s human resources department before the referred candidate’s first day of work, according to the MOU.

Theresa Komitas, the district’s director of communications and public relations, confirmed that the incentive is a one-time payment “issued following the referred candidate’s successful completion of the probationary period.”

Komitas also confirmed that the incentives will be funded “through savings from unfilled positions” and that the cost to the district would depend on the “outcome of recruitment with referral.”

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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