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Two girls charged as juveniles after pepper spray incident at DeKalb Walmart

DeKALB – Two girls, aged 11 and 12, are facing juvenile charges after an incident at Walmart in DeKalb Sunday led to seven people getting pepper sprayed by the girls, confirmed DeKalb Police Chief David Byrd.

DeKalb police were called to the Walmart in DeKalb, 2300 Sycamore Road, twice Sunday afternoon for reports that a 12-year-old and 11-year-old were “being rambunctious and reckless,” Byrd said Monday.

Around 3:30 p.m. Sunday, DeKalb police were called to the Walmart for reports of disorderly conduct involving the two girls.

“They were being very disruptive in the store, being rambunctious and reckless,” Byrd said. “We did learn that there was no property damage to the scene. They started causing a scene int he facility.”

Police officers asked the girls to leave the property during the 3:30 p.m. incident, Byrd said, and they complied. However, reports allege they returned to Walmart around 5 p.m. and attempted to re-enter the store, but were barred by Walmart employees.

“That’s when the whole pepper spray incident occurred,” Byrd said. “They exposed pepper spray to several people in the actual Walmart itself and law enforcement was called. DeKalb police arrived and were able to apprehend the two young ladies.”

Byrd said it’s not clear why the two girls had pepper spray on them, though it appears they used it after they were refused entry into the store. He said there were at least three store patrons who were exposed to the spray, and four employees, all who were treated by DeKalb paramedics after the incident.

“Anytime if you have been exposed to mace or spray you have to at least get looked at and washed,” Byrd said. “I know there were seven patients examined.”

Byrd said neither girl resisted arrest by police, and they did not spray officers with their pepper spray.

The 11-year-old girl is facing juvenile charges of trespassing and battery, while the 12-year-old faces juvenile charges of trespassing and battery, and felony mob action and aggravated battery. Neither are being tried as adults at this time, Byrd said.

The girls were booked at the DeKalb Police Department’s juvenile area.

“They were young but they caused a little mayhem over at the Walmart,” Byrd said. “And police did take action.”

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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