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64 more cases of COVID-19 identified in DeKalb County; Monday marks 40th death

The DeKalb County Health Department reported 64 new cases of the novel coronavirus Monday, averaging more than 21 cases per day over the past three days, and a 40th DeKalb County resident is dead due to complications from the viral respiratory disease.

The death was at Willow Crest Nursing Pavilion, which has 67 cases of the respiratory virus, 41 in residents. The death was the 14th at the facility, which accounts for the most long-term care related deaths in the county. The death was also not included on the Illinois Department of Public Health’s report but appeared on the state website.

Total cases in the county rose to 1,806.

DeKalb County Rehabilitation and Nursing Center remained at eight cases, and Prairie Crossing Living and Rehabilitation Center in Shabbona, which reported its first cases Tuesday, remained at three.

Of the new cases, 14 were in residents under 20, 32 were in their 20s, 11 were in their 30s, 13 were in their 40s, six were in their 50s, five were in their 60s, two were in their 70s and one was 80 or older.

The county’s health region entered mitigation last week, with restaurants and bars closing to indoor dining on Saturday for at least two weeks.

Region 1, which includes DeKalb, Sauk Valley and Rockford, reported a seven-day rolling test positivity rate of 8.5%. The region needs three days in a row after a 14-day monitoring period of under 6.5% in the rolling average to have the new mitigation lifted.

According to the Illinois Public Health Department’s daily county testing data, which is on a three-day lag, DeKalb County had a daily positivity rate of 5.2% on Friday.

In total, 307 cases have been reported among residents younger than 20, 535 in their 20s, 241 in their 30s, 244 in their 40s, 191 in their 50s, 117 in their 60s, 82 in their 70s and 89 in their 80s or older.

According to county data, the city of DeKalb reports between 921 to 925 cases. There are between 236 to 240 cases in Sycamore; 171 and 175 in Sandwich; 126 and 130 cases in Genoa; 81 and 85 cases in Cortland; 31 and 35 in Hinckley, Kirkland and Kingston; 26 and 30 in Somonauk; 21 and 25 cases in Malta; 16 to 20 in Waterman; and 11 and 15 in Maple Park and Shabbona. Esmond, Leland and Earlville each report between one and five cases.

Cases listed on the county site are for those only occurring within the county; for instance, the Maple Park numbers only count residents who reside in DeKalb County.

The IDPH lists cases and tests performed by ZIP code, while the county health department lists cases by municipality. Numbers vary between state and health departments because of data lags.

The 60115 ZIP code, including DeKalb, had 916 cases reported and 15,987 tests administered (a positivity rate of 5.7%); the 60178 ZIP code, including Sycamore, had 237 cases and 6,105 tests (3.9%); the 60548 ZIP code, including Sandwich, had 4,208 tests and 260 cases (6.2%); the 60112 ZIP code, including Cortland, had 82 cases and 1,364 tests (6.0%); the 60135 ZIP code, including Genoa, had 125 cases and 2,032 tests (6.2%).

The 60145 ZIP code, including Kingston, had 29 cases and 523 tests (5.5%); the 60146 ZIP code, including Kirkland, had 39 cases and 748 tests (5.2%); the 60520 ZIP code, including Hinckley, had 33 cases and 745 tests (4.4%); the 60550 ZIP code, including Shabbona, had 15 cases and 616 tests (2.4%); the 60151 ZIP code, including parts of Maple Park in both DeKalb and Kane counties, had 45 cases and 1,034 tests (4.4%); and the 60556 ZIP code, including Waterman, had 16 cases and 448 tests (3.6%).

The IDPH reported 303,394 people in Illinois have tested positive for COVID-19, while 8,805 people have died statewide. The number of tests performed rose to 5,924,956. The site also lists statewide recovery rates, calculated by recovered cases divided by the sum of recovered cases and dead cases. The statewide recovery rate remained at 96%.

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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