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Bureau County Associate Judge C.J. Hollerich announces retirement

PRINCETON — After more than 13 years on the bench, Bureau County Associate Judge Cornelius “C.J.” Hollerich is retiring.

Prior to being appointed to the bench, Hollerich served as assistant state’s attorney for Bureau County for nearly 23 years, as well as two years in the late 1970s as state’s attorney. He also was in private practice from 1981 to 1998.

“I’ve given most of my adult life to public service and I did so because I thought government mattered,” Hollerich stated. “I still think so. Government is the instrument through which the people regulate their own conduct. It’s been an honor to serve the people of Bureau County and the Thirteenth Circuit, both as a judge and as an attorney. It’s also been an honor to have served with so many capable and hard-working members of the judiciary. Being a judge is a rewarding, but occasionally lonely, job as you make decisions which directly affect people’s lives.

“I’d like to thank the circuit judges, and Judge Marc Bernabei, with whom I’ve worked for the last 13 years, for the opportunity to serve,” Hollerich continued.

“I’ve enjoyed my tenure on the bench and wish the same for my successor.”

Holllerich’s brother, William P. Hollerich, is an attorney and retired judge. His father, the late William C. Hollerich, was also an attorney. His great grand-uncle, the late Judge C.H. Hollerich, was an attorney for 75 years. Hollerich is married to the former Shelley Burr.

It was announced last week that attorney James A. Andreoni will succeed Hollerich.

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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