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Chicago man charged again with invading Joliet woman’s residence, battering her

A man who was convicted earlier this year with stealing a woman’s cellphone and striking her in the head, now faces new charges of invading her home in Joliet, stealing her cellphone and hitting her.

On Sept. 7, prosecutors charged La Raysheo Johnson, of Chicago, with home invasion, theft, domestic battery, criminal trespass to a residence, interfering with the report of a domestic violence and criminal damage to property.

Judge Ken Zelazo signed a warrant for Johnson’s arrest that carries a $150,000 bond. Johnson has not yet been arrested on those charges as of Wednesday afternoon.

The latest charges against Johnson alleged on Sept. 4, say he allegedly entered a woman’s home in Joliet with the intent to cause her injury, stole her iPhone 12, beat her and interfered with her ability to call 911 by taking her phone.

Johnson was also charged with damaging the window of the woman’s Jeep Laredo.

The woman was the victim in another case against Johnson filed on Dec. 6.

In that case, Johnson was initially charged with home invasion, aggravated domestic battery, stolen motor vehicle possession, theft, criminal trespassing, interfering with the reporting of domestic violence and criminal damage to property.

An indictment filed Jan. 5, did not include the home invasion charge but it named the other charges.

Johnson ultimately agreed to plead guilty to theft and domestic battery on March 8. Those charges said Johnson stole the woman’s iPhone 13 and struck her on the head on Nov. 30.

Prosecutors dropped the other charges against Johnson.

Following Johnson’s March 8 guilty plea, Will County Chief Judge Dan Kennedy sentenced him to 24 months of probation. Johnson was released from jail the same day.

On March 25, the woman petitioned a protective order against Johnson that alleged he physically attacked her and threatened her for calling the police on him.

The protective order was granted March 25, and then dismissed on March 30, after the woman filed a motion that said, “Problems between the two of us has been worked out.”

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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