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Chicago's Old Town neighborhood residents react to former resident being charged with rural Sycamore murders

CHICAGO – In the Old Town neighborhood where Jonathan D. Hurst lived before he moved to Cincinnati, and before his arrest in connection with the killings of Robert Wilson, 64, and Patricia Wilson, 85, in August 2016 in rural Sycamore, neighbors were surprised to learn Hurst was charged with murder.

Hurst’s former landlord in Chicago, Don Klugman, 86, said Hurst lived in his apartment building at 1446 N. Wells St. for eight to 10 years. Hurst referred to his apartment as the “Chamber of Secrets” – a reference to the Harry Potter book series – on his Facebook page.

“[He was] just an overall good person,” Klugman said. “Fair, friendly, certainly not someone that I would think of in connection with these sorts of things.”

Klugman has lived in the building on N. Wells St. since 1965. Hurst lived in the apartment next door to Klugman before Hurst moved to Cincinnati near the end of 2018.

Klugman said Hurst did not move out suddenly, telling the landlord well in advance before he left.

Another neighbor in the building, Abra Adduci, 39, said she didn’t know Hurst well, but that their interactions were always friendly. Adduci said she moved into the building around 2013.

“I never thought he was anything other than a nice guy who kept to himself,” Adduci said. “He was always super-nice to me in a very neighborly way, obviously. Like, we didn’t hang out or anything, but if we ran into each other on the stairs we’d always be cordial.”

Hurst worked as a waiter at restaurants in Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood, including at Glunz Tavern, where he waited tables and tended bar. On Facebook, he listed his current place of employment as Sacred Beast, a Cincinnati restaurant where employees declined to comment on Tuesday.

He stopped posting to Facebook in June of 2016, two months before the murders, and resumed in September 2017.

DeKalb County Sheriff’s police say that DNA found inside the home of Robert and Patricia Wilson, as well as cell phone records and other evidence, show that Hurst was in the area when the Wilsons were killed on Aug. 14 or shortly after midnight Aug. 15.

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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