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Cortland woman seeks help for wedding ring lost on Halloween

CORTLAND – One day after a Halloween candy crowd swarmed her house in search of sweets, Patricia Walker said she’s heartbroken to learn her wedding ring is now missing.

The ring is a family heirloom, Walker, 39, said Friday. It was the wedding ring of her mom, Evelyn, who died from lung cancer when Walker was 3 years old.

“I went to take my daughter’s friend home, and my daughter ended up spilling her coffee in my car. I shook my hand, and something on my finger did not move,” Walker said. “That’s when I realized the ring was gone. We searched the house, but the kids had mittens on, and I think someone got an extra surprise.”

Thursday’s premature winter storm meant trick-or-treaters bundled up as they went door to door. She said she doesn’t wear the ring all the time because of its personal value, but puts it on every year to commemorate the anniversary of her mom’s Oct. 15 death.

Walker and her husband, Keith, 39, will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary Wednesday. For their 10-year anniversary, Keith got the ring resized.

“My mom ended up having two rings from my dad,” Walker said. “They both passed when I was young, so each of us girls got a ring.”

This isn’t the first time the ring was lost, and last time it made its way home.

“My brother actually had it when he got married,” she said. “I gave it to him because I was already married and wanted to keep it in the family. When they got divorced, it was stolen out of my brother’s glove box. We reported it right away and found it in a pawn shop in Plainfield, Wisconsin.”

The Walker family, including son Eriq, 20, and daughter, Cassandra, 15, bought a house in Cortland three months ago. Walker said she was excited to host trick-or-treaters on Halloween.

“I stopped counting, but we easily had 100 kids,” she said. “Some of them came a second time.”

She’s reached out to the Cortland Police Department, and said if anyone finds her ring they should contact the department, or call her at 815-236-3858 or email

“I just want my ring back,” she said. “That’s the important thing to me. If some kid finds it in their bag, I just hope they do the right thing.”

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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