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DeKalb County Board adopts 2020 tax levy

SYCAMORE – The DeKalb County Board adopted the 2020 tax levy that will have taxpayers paying less.

Peter Stefan, financial director for the county, said a taxpayer who made no changes to a $200,000 home in 2019 would be expected to pay $651.65 in property taxes to the county to be collected in 2020, a $12.69 decrease from taxes collected in 2019.

Stefan also pointed out that a homeowner who made no changes or upgrades – such as a pool – to their home, should see a 1.9% decrease in county property taxes.

Stefan also said the county expects the tax rate to go down from about $1.09 to $1.07.

The total levy, passed Wednesday night after a 22-0 vote by the County Board, is $23,556,000.

Stefan said the county is budgeting for about $100,000 less, in case the it doesn’t collect all it asks for.

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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