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DeKalb County couple describes surviving an SUV crash through their home

DeKALB – The Bushues counted their blessings Tuesday morning. Elwin, 83, said he was sitting at the computer desk Monday afternoon in his living room when a Chevrolet Tahoe crashed through the brick veneer and front window and came to a stop just short of striking him.

No one was injured when the SUV traveling west on Route 38 slid on black ice, went off the road and through the yard and into Elwin and Marilynn Bushue’s living room at 4:44 p.m. in the 21000 block of Virginia Road, about a mile west of DeKalb.

Elwin said he thought he heard an airplane outside just before the SUV went through the outer barrier of the home and created what he described as an “explosion,” sending shard of glass and brick through the home.

“If she had come another six inches, I’d have been in a world of hurt,” Elwin said.

The vehicle stopped near the end of the room. A stain from where snow fell off the bottom of the vehicle remained on the carpet Tuesday morning

Marilynn was thankful no one was injured. She pointed to the desk, which by Elwin’s estimation was 11 feet from the outside wall.

“We were both lucky. God was with us,” she said. “(The noise) started, got louder, then kaboom!”

Marilynn, who was standing at the kitchen sink, a hallway and a room over from the living room, said when she walked in the living room, the front passenger of the SUV was standing in the living room. She said he got out and helped Elwin get out from the desk area.

Marilynn said she was glad she was in the kitchen. She usually sits in a chair near where the Chevrolet crashed into the living room.

“If I was sitting in that chair, I probably would have been killed,” Marilynn said.

The Bushues said DeKalb County Sheriff’s deputies and DeKalb firefighters were at the scene of the crash until at least 10 p.m. Monday.

Marilynn said the firefighters were using shovels to clean up the rubble.

“We’ve got sheetrock all over the house,” she said.

Following the crash, plywood was installed at the point where the SUV rammed through the window and wall. Elwin said 1-800-BoardUp of Joliet built a wall.

Elwin said he knows the roads were bad Monday afternoon and how they got worse at night. He said the driver told them she was let off work early Monday to avoid driving in the worsening weather.

“They all had terrible driving conditions,” he said.

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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