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DeKalb County reports seven new cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday

The DeKalb County Health Department reported seven new cases of the novel coronavirus on Tuesday, bringing the total in the county to 342 cases.

There was one new case in a resident in their 20s, four new cases in residents in their 30s, one new case in a resident in their 60s and one in a resident over 80.

No new cases were reported Tuesday at any longterm care facilities in the county, including Pine Acres which to date has 6 cases linked to it.

According to the information on the county site, there were no changes in the range of cases in any municipality. DeKalb, which had gone up three straight days, reports between 156 and 160 cases. Sandwich has between 46 and 50 cases. Sycamore has between 36 and 40 cases, Genoa has between 26 and 30 cases, and Cortland has 21 to 25 cases. Kingston and Hinckley are reported to have between six and 10 cases. Kirkland, Esmond, Malta, Maple Park, Shabbona, Somonauk and Waterman each report between one and five cases.

The Illinois Department of Public Health lists cases and tests performed by ZIP code, while the county health department lists cases by municipality. Numbers vary from state and health departments due to data lags. The 60115 ZIP code (including DeKalb) had 161 cases reported and 1,519 tests administered. The 60178 ZIP Code (including Sycamore) has 39 cases and 662 tests. The 60135 ZIP code (including Genoa) has 27 cases and 305 tests, the 60145 ZIP code (including Kingston) has six cases and 80 tests, and the 60146 ZIP code (including Kirkland) has eight cases and 85 tests.

In total, IDPH reports 113,195 people in Illinois have tested positive for COVID-19, while 4,923 people have died statewide. As of Tuesday, 786,794 tests have been performed. The site also lists statewide recovery rates, calculated by recovered cases divided by the sum of recovered cases and deceased cases. It remained at 92% on Tuesday.

Including the new cases in DeKalb County, there have been 25 COVID-19 occurrences in residents younger than age 19, 85 in their 20s, 71 in their 30s, with 60 in their 40s, 55 in their 50s, 21 in their 60s, 18 in their 70s and seven in residents over 80.

As of Friday, 126 residents are reported to have fully recovered, and the death toll remains at three; two are from patients in the 50s and one in their 60s. As of May 22, 2,841 tests had come back negative in the county. New local recovery and testing data is expected from the county health department every Friday.

The positivity rate of tests in the county is 9.8% as of Friday.

COVID-19 testing is being conducted at Northwestern Medicine health system hospitals and private lab facilities, including through Physicians Immediate Care and the Center for Family Health in Sycamore, which are prioritizing high-risk patients, first responders and health care workers and those experiencing severe symptoms.

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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