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DeKalb County residents wake up to snowfall

DEKALB — Constant flurries have pushed DeKalb County residents to do the dirty work, shovel and plow.

Judy Krajewski, 68, said Monday the snow she was clearing from her driveway in the 900 block of N. Ninth Street. has its health benefits.

“Maybe I’ll show this to my doctor to show I do get exercise,” Krajewski said as she laughed and heaved another pile of the white stuff off her driveway.

Krajewski, along with area residents, woke up to more than a dusting of snow Monday morning. The snowfall began Sunday night and, according to the National Weather Service, the area could see between 1 to 3 inches total by early afternoon.

The snow will be followed by freezing temperatures, with the mercury expected to top out in the low 20s on Monday, and wind chills on Tuesday expected to be below zero, according to the weather service. Mondya morning, DeKalb had 23 mph winds with 32 mph gusts, according to the weather service.

Krajewski cleared most of the driveway and the sidewalks in front of her 82-year-old brick home , but then she had to go warm up inside her house.

“My hands are frozen,” Krajewski said.

Area retailers had to move the snow to get ready for customers early Monday.

Dwayne Kerley, who was plowing in a CAT vehicle throughout the outer part of the Target parking lot at 2555 Sycamore Road, said the weather has been bad and it’s made it tough to clear the lot for shoppers looking for deals on Veterans Day.

“I’ve plowed this place three or four times,” he said Monday morning. “It’s so windy. The wind is too much.”

Kerley has a big job ahead of him. He said he’s plowing the whole front and back lots of Target. He had to stop and warm up multiple times Monday morning.

“I’ve already had three to four cups of Starbucks,” Kerley said.

The wintry weather made for traffic problems too as cars were skidding off the roads and into ditches across the county.

Sycamore Deputy Police Chief Steve Cook said at about 11:20 a.m. there had been several minor crashes throughout Sycamore.

“We’ve had several cars stuck in the ditch,” he said. “We had one semi-truck where the brakes froze up.”

Cook explained that the truck’s air brakes froze “on,” not “off.”

“He was stuck on the road and couldn’t go,” Cook said. “We gave him a ride to Blain’s Farm-and-Fleet. He got some brake anti-freeze and got going.”

Cook advised drivers in the area to stay off the roads if you don’t need to drive, but if you must, proceed with caution.

“At this point, slow down and brake early,” Cook said. “Stay off the roads until they get this all cleared up. If you have cars parked on the street, get them off the streets so the snow plows can run.”

According to the National Weather Service, there is a 50% chance of snow returning Wednesday.

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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