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DeKalb County treasurer reports distribution of property tax

SYCAMORE – The DeKalb County treasurer’s office collected and distributed $220,984,925.54 of real estate tax money to DeKalb taxing bodies.

The taxing bodies throughout DeKalb County and what the total taxes, and percentage of total taxes, distributed to each is as follows:

• $132,014,144 to school districts

• $22,483,866 to DeKalb County

• $15,680,976 to cities and villages

• $13,277,928 to community college districts

• $9,561,752 to tax increment financing districts

• $9,035,984 to township road and bridge districts

• $8,578,494 to park districts

• $4,570,738 to fire protection districts

• $3,963,577 to library districts

• $1,580,434 to the DeKalb County Forest Preserve

• $237,027 to drainage districts

The final distribution also includes $152,405.39 in interest the treasurer’s office earned for the taxing bodies, while the funds were in the treasurer’s custody, according to a news release from DeKalb County Treasurer Christine Johnson.

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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