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DeKalb District 428 board gets an update on finding a new superintendent

Dr. Robert Hammon gave the DeKalb District 428 board some homework assignments on Tuesday night to help reach a goal of naming a new superintendent by the end of November.

On a night in which the board decided to go to remote learning to start the fall, it also heard a presentation from Hammon, of Ray and Associates, on a rough timeline for the filling of the superintendent vacancy.

To that end, he told the board to think of a salary range they want to offer, and to each think of two to three community members to be a part of a community committee to help in the selection process.

“We need you as a board to make a determination of the salary you think you are going to be offering,” Hammon said. “You can say it’s going to be in the range of ‘XYZ’ and the final salary will be negotiated.”

He said that putting a salary in an ad is key to getting responses.

Another issue he spoke to, and got a consensus from the board on, was $1,100 in national advertising for the position, currently being filled by interim superintendents Ray Lechler and Griff Powell.

He presented a packet to the board with a timeline, but said that it was an optimistic one. He said he hopes the board has different interview groups in place by the board meeting Sept. 15.

He said by the end of October he would present the board with questions to use for interviews, then eventually cut the group down to three of four final applicants.

Then there would be a second interview that could last almost a full day, which would include a social outing – if social outings are allowed given the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Realistically we can have this wrapped up by the end of November,” he said.

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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