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DeKalb police warn drivers of traffic ticket fee changes July 1

DeKALB – Gas prices won’t be the only thing growing AS OF July 1, as the DeKalb Police Department announced Friday that fees for minor traffic tickets are also on the rise.

Thanks to a new public act out of Springfield, minor traffic tickets issued to drivers will rise from $120 and $140 to $164 if paid before a court date, according to a post on the DeKalb police Facebook page.

Tickets for texting or using a cellphone while driving also will be $164. Effective July 1, cellphone and texting-related tickets also will be considered moving violations, even if the driver is using a phone at a stop sign or red light.

Previously considered a nonmoving violation, cellphone use while driving will equate to a moving violation in Illinois, meaning a heavier penalty for drivers.

Three moving violations in a 12-month period will lead to a license suspension, and also could mean points added to your driver’s license. Police will make exceptions if you’re reporting an emergency or if you are parked on the shoulder of a road.

If a violator wants to add Driver Safety School as a component of their ticket, the price will go up to $221, if paid before a court date.

Other violations will include ticket fee changes.

Seat belt violation tickets will be $164 on July 1, if paid before the court date.

Tickets for driving without a registered license no longer will be granted a fee reduction by the DeKalb County Circuit Clerk’s office, and will be $164.

The clerk’s office will be able to dismiss a ticket related to operating while uninsured only if the driver provides a valid insurance card.

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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