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DeKalb public transit to return to regular break service

The city of DeKalb is working to up the frequency of break service in the city while still taking precautions to allow for social distancing on public transportation as Illinois enters Phase 3 in its coronavirus response.

Whereas most break service routes — Routes 17 and 18 to Sycamore for example — were operating once every hour in recent weeks, on Monday, June 1, the DeKalb Public Transit System will return to regular break services of every half hour on many routes.

There will continue to be no fares on the routes with the exception of Route 12 to Elburn. Face masks continue to be required and passengers will be encouraged to keep boarding and exiting the rear door of the bus.

“We’re going to very closely monitor to make sure there aren’t more than 10 people on the bus at any time,” city of DeKalb Transit Manager Marcus Cox said.

Cox said the first few days of resuming regular service will serve as a test of sorts, an that services may be altered to provide more transit availability to maintain social distancing.

“The biggest thing people will be seeing is the frequency or how often the bus will come,” Cox said.

A full list of break service routes can be found on the city of DeKalb’s website.

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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