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Democratic candidate Dani Brzozowski says Kinzinger 'all talk with no action'

Democratic candidate and La Salle County Democratic Chairwoman Dani Brzozowski said Congressman Adam Kinzinger is changing his message based on his audience.

Kinzinger gained national attention for a Twitter post criticizing President Donald Trump. He said Trump’s tweet that noted his removal will cause “a Civil War like fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal” was “beyond repugnant,” and beyond belief for a U.S. president.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi launched a formal impeachment inquiry last week against Trump. The probe centers on whether Trump abused his presidential powers and sought help from Ukraine for his reelection.

Brzozowski, of La Salle, made reference to Kinzinger’s campaign Facebook page where he referred to Democrats as “radical socialists.” Brzozowski announced in September she was running for the 16th Congressional District seat held by Kinzinger.

“It seems like every day he changes his stance on holding the Trump administration accountable,” Brzozowski said in a statement issued Tuesday. “He will happily condemn something the President has done on Twitter, but then he will send an email to his supporters defending the President in hopes of raising money.”

On his campaign page, Kinzinger used impeachment talks to fundraise. The congressman asked supporters “to make their voice heard and donate whatever you can right now, to send a message that we will not stand for this attack on the very foundation of our country.” He said the Far Left didn’t like the result of the 2016 election, “so they have chosen to tear apart our country to advance their radical agenda.”

Brzozowski said Kinzinger’s Twitter post was all talk. She wants to do know what Kinzinger will do next.

“He will jump at the chance of questioning the president on any cable news show, but then he follows it up by voting with Trump 94% of the time,” she said in a statement. (The 94% score of votes in line with Trump is produced at “When it comes to holding Donald Trump accountable, Adam Kinzinger is all talk with no action.”

Brzozowski said if she were elected she would remain consistent whether talking to media, talking on Twitter or fundraising for her campaign. She said Kinzinger’s district needs “sincere representation.”

“The message is this: we do the right thing, even when it’s hard,” she said.

Kinzinger has been critical of Trump tweets in the past, but he also endorsed the president in November 2018, saying at the time he did not care for the president’s Twitter habits.

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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