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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Joliet Focus?

Each community needs a safe and engaging place for neighbors to share information and news.

Joliet Focus is an app made for sharing your story about living in Joliet. Send us your photos, videos, text (essays, articles and poems), and the Joliet Focus team will post your perspective to the app.

Who is Joliet Focus?

We are a local team dedicated to sharing the experiences of living in Joliet, Illinois. Joliet Focus is managed by The Herald-News newspaper and owned by Illinois-based Shaw Media, an independent news organization.

How do I share my photos?

Tap the Start Posting button and start sharing today.

How do I get in touch with someone at Joliet Focus?

email? phone?

What happens to my content?

Approved content will be on the Joliet Focus app. Editors may also add content from Joliet Focus to The Herald-News print and online media. Joliet Focus retains the rights to host your photos, videos and text across our platforms.

Will my personal data be shared?

No, we will never resell or share your personal data, nor will we sell what you share.

Will people comment on what I share?


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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