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Homicide victims were former married couple

One of the murder victims in last week’s double homicide in Ottawa filed battery complaints against her suspected killer a little more than a month ago.

Christopher B. Stankovich was charged with domestic battery after striking Nicol E. Scolaro in the face May 19 at Stankovich’s house at 317 W. Dearborn St., Plano, according to Kendall County court records.

Scolaro also filed for an order of protection against Stankovich on two occasions – May 20 and also in 2015.

In the most recent order of protection filing, Scolaro said Stankovich was drinking, pushed her to the ground, sat on top of her and punched her in the face and body. He also strangled her because she didn’t cut the grass and follow his instructions.

Scolaro was able to get away and run to a nearby convenience store and someone there called police. She was taken to a hospital and diagnosed with a broken nose, blood in her eye and loose teeth.

Other instances of abuse over a four-year period against Scolaro in the filings reveal instances of kicks to the head, blocking exits, beating Scolaro until she passed out or lost feeling on portions of her face, damage to Scolaro’s vehicle, as well as “degrading and insulting” name-calling, among other complaints.

Scolaro said she also was not allowed contact with friends and had phones taken away and broken to prevent contact with police.

Suspect violated second order of protection; GPS monitoring removed

Scolaro requested in open court for her first order of protection to be lifted in 2015, about a month after requesting it.

The second order of protection, which was filed in May, was violated when Stankovich continually made calls to Scolaro from the Kendall County Jail on May 21, a day after she filed for protection and two days after a battery complaint was lodged against Stankovich.

Stankovich was released after posting $500 after bond was set at $5,000 and was due back in court July 1. His GPS monitoring also was removed because his lawyer argued there no longer was a protected address for the victim and the Stalker Alert unit from the victim was returned to court services.

Victims were reconnected former married couple

Scolaro and Paul E. Ladue were found dead as a result of multiple gunshot wounds Friday night by police at 320 Deleon St., Ottawa. Police said both were residents of that address.

A friend of the family confirmed with Shaw Media on Monday that Scolaro and Ladue were married 27 years ago. When Scolaro left Stankovich, she let her family know that she reconnected with Ladue and “felt safe with him,” but that was all Scolaro said to her family before the incident.

Ottawa police then developed Stankovich as a suspect and he was located early Saturday at his house at 317 W. Dearborn St. in Plano.

Plano Police said Stankovich died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound after police set up a perimeter outside.

Police investigation into the incident continues

The LaSalle County Coroner’s Office confirmed an autopsy has been performed on the bodies found in Ottawa, but a time of death cannot be established.

The Ottawa Police Department said the incident remains an ongoing investigation.

Sergeant of Investigations Kyle Booras said police are continuing to conduct interviews, follow up on leads and analyze electronic devices.

Police were notified of the bodies after someone went to the house to check on the victims.

Ottawa Police were assisted in the investigation at the crime scene by Illinois State Police Forensic Services, as is typical for homicide investigations, Booras said.

Within a few hours of response, the police were able to identify Stankovich as a suspect through investigative leads and began working with the Plano Police Department.

Plano Police handled the death investigation at the scene in Plano and worked in conjunction with the Ottawa Police Department to search the Plano house afterward for evidence relating to the homicides in Ottawa.

Booras reiterated there is no danger to the public at this time regarding the incident.

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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