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In a (zombie) Barbie world: DeKalb woman displays 300 zombie Barbie dolls in front yard for Halloween

Amy Forkell’s front lawn looks like a miniature horror movie scene.

Around her circular driveway, there are strobe lights, fake blood and 300 zombie Barbie dolls.

Passersby have been stopping to take videos and photos with the display, located outside Forkell’s home at 517 Joanne Lane in DeKalb.

The display started about five years ago, when Forkell lived in Utah. Two years ago, she moved to DeKalb and resurrected the zombie Barbies in front of her house. To make the dolls spookier, she adds gray or yellow over their eyes and paints them with fake blood. The dolls are staked into the ground using chopsticks. All of the dolls are dressed, some in wedding dresses, others as Disney princesses.

“It started by putting a few Barbies out, and this year, I’ll have 300,” Forkell said. “I first came across the idea on Pinterest. The first year, I had less than 20 Barbies, and they each had a backstory. Now there’s too many, and they’re all just part of the display.”

Forkell buys the dolls year-round from garage sales and thrift stores. Sometimes fans of the display drop off dolls as donations.

“I will gladly accept donations,” she said. “If a dog or kid chewed the doll, if her hair is all knotty or if she’s broken, it’s perfect. Some dolls don’t have any heads, some are holding heads, and there are plenty of extra arms and legs on the ground around them.”

Forkell said she invites the community to stop by the display, which will remain up until Nov. 7. On Halloween, Forkell will distribute candy and toys, including plastic spiders and rats and rubber fingers, to trick-or-treaters.

“I think the adults love the display even more than the kids do,” Forkell said. “I’ve always loved Halloween. It’s something a little different, something fun to do, to celebrate the holiday.”

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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