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Kishwaukee College Foundation names scholarship recipients

The Kishwaukee College Foundation recently announced the student scholarship recipients for the spring semester. The foundation awarded $209,115 to 139 Kish students through 231 scholarships.

Scholarship funds are made possible through generous gifts from members of the community, local businesses and industry, and area agencies and associations. Students are selected on a competitive basis, according to each scholarship’s specific requirements.

Starting this semester, the foundation awarded an additional $18,500 to 74 students through the Foundation Cares Scholarship, which is a Board of Directors initiative providing financial support to all students who seek assistance and meet a minimum set of criteria.

Kish students from DeKalb County received the following awards:

AG Communications Endowment – Dustin Wielenga of Waterman

Altrusa International of DeKalb County Scholarship – Meggie Woltmann of Sycamore, KC Brox of Sycamore

Arden Perry & Kathryn Cornell Endowment – Emily Koeppen Tischer of Genoa, Haley Stevenson of Genoa, Meggie Woltmann of Sycamore, Anna Ratliff of Genoa

Beulah & Roberta Hackett Endowment – Shannon Gardner of DeKalb, Jonathan Rodriguez of DeKalb, Meggie Woltmann of Sycamore

Charles & Mary Roberts Memorial Endowment – Odalys Galarza of Genoa, Avery Medina of DeKalb, Amanda Musielski of Kingston, Dustin Wielenga of Waterman, Heather Carlson of Sycamore, Carli Klein of DeKalb

Charles & Mary Roberts Memorial Endowment for Nursing – Laura Kosturik of Esmond, Grace Johnson of Sycamore, Madisen Miller of Genoa, Raina Sands of Cortland, Madison Twitty of Shabbona, Aubrey Villarreal of Sycamore, Heather Carlson of Sycamore

Dean & Betty Burgemeister Endowment – Alexis Downey of Malta, Dennysha Kizer of DeKalb, Stephanie Curry of DeKalb

DeKalb Area Garden Club Endowment – Christina Fisher of Kingston

Donald C. Mack Scholarship – Rachel Colwell of DeKalb

Doris & Robert Boey Endowment – Gracie James of Sycamore, Owen Polichnowski of Sycamore, Ngan Melton of Cortland

Doris V. & Suzanne K. Lewis Memorial Endowment – Shannon Gardner of DeKalb

Edward W. Deeke Endowment – Ian Harrison of DeKalb

Eleanor Anglin Price Scholarship – Matt Holuj of DeKalb

Emma Anderson Fund – Alyssa McLaughlin of DeKalb, Evelina Callahan of Sycamore, Mitchell Meyer of Sycamore, Matthew Sharp of Sycamore, Vanessa Velichkoff of Sycamore, Brittany Stiles of Sycamore, Jacob Reidl of Sycamore, McKayla Fitzpatrick of Sycamore, Robbie Sapita of Sycamore, Alexis Anderson of Sycamore, Arianna Galto of Cortland, Grace Johnson of Sycamore, Samantha Storm of Sycamore, Samantha Navarro of DeKalb, Lindsey Meisch of DeKalb, Brooke Panttila of Sycamore, Aubrey Villarreal of Sycamore, Robert Carpenter of Sycamore, Tyrell Donahue of DeKalb, Perla Gonzalez of Kirkland, Madison Cauldron-Boston of DeKalb, Jonathan Contreras of Genoa, Lupe Carrillo of DeKalb, Jonathan Rodriguez of DeKalb, Gage Oleson of Shabbona, Eimy Ramirez of DeKalb, Bridget Babb of Genoa, Avery Medina of DeKalb, Amelia Bock of Kirkland, Celia Huerta of Kingston, Marcos Reza of DeKalb, Anna Ratliff of Genoa, Tiana Tingling of DeKalb, Carli Klein of DeKalb

Employee Give Scholarship Fund – Gage Oleson of Shabbona, James Ogundipe of DeKalb, Fernando Galarza of Genoa, Leticia Cardenas of Sycamore, Emily Koeppen Tischer of Genoa, Shannon Gardner of DeKalb, Lindsey Meisch of DeKalb, Ian Harrison of DeKalb, Ayodele Oroye of DeKalb, Diamonique Brown of DeKalb, Alexis Downey of Malta

Enbridge Energy Company Pipeline Industry Awareness Scholarship – Joshua Fisher of Sycamore, Jacob Sterling of Kirkland, Conner O’Donnell of Sycamore, Gage Oleson of Shabbona

Foundation Cares Scholarship – Paola Perez of DeKalb, Maria Trujillo Munoz of DeKalb, Anna Walter of Genoa, Wesley Read of Sycamore, Taylor Winsler of DeKalb, Tanner Grimm of Kingston, Sierra Sietsema of DeKalb, Samella Waters of DeKalb, Ryne Kerschke of Malta, Owen Pionto of Sycamore, Nadia Timm of DeKalb, Miriam James of Sycamore, Mesha Jones of DeKalb, Marcellus Turner of DeKalb, Maha Alkarzon of DeKalb, Lilly Allen of Genoa, Lori Gordon of DeKalb, Leyah Langley of Kingston, Lance Malmassari of Sycamore, Kylee Holler-Daniels of Waterman, Kendra Licht of Genoa, Kevin Lamont of DeKalb, Jose Gallegos of DeKalb, Jim Hoyos of DeKalb, Jennifer Jones of Genoa, Hunter Rowland of Shabbona, Glorie OConnell of DeKalb, Donna Gillespie of Cortland, Demetria Williams of DeKalb, Damarian Stark of DeKalb, Christina Evans of Creston, Carmen Hettel of DeKalb, Brittany King of DeKalb, Bridget Stewart of DeKalb, Andrew Dohlen of DeKalb, Ana Tricio of Kirkland, Amber Fellows of Genoa, Allyson Thompson of Sycamore, Alaina Thompson of Sycamore, Latrice Zuniga of DeKalb, Kalyene Cano of Sycamore, David Chalmers of DeKalb, Danielle Barnes of DeKalb, Alison Heckman of DeKalb

George Strick Memorial Education Scholarship – Francis Zaylik of DeKalb

Goodwill Industries of Northern Illinois Scholarship – Danielle Holloway Gray of DeKalb

Harold C. Flanigan Memorial Endowment – Belle Wellman of Kirkland, Perla Gonzalez of Kirkland

Heartland Bank Community Enhancement Scholarship – Janai Crumbley of DeKalb

Howard & Martha Mullins Memorial Endowment for Nursing – Amelia Bock of Kirkland

Illinois Health Improvement Scholarship – Taylor Smith of Sycamore, Alexis Downey of Malta

Ine Achilles Scholarship for Horticulture – Christina Fisher of Kingston

Jeanne M. Henderson Memorial Endowment – Darian Lucas of DeKalb, Alexis Keating of DeKalb

Jesus Romero Hispanic Endowment – Avery Medina of DeKalb, Ariana Pedraza of DeKalb, Jonathan Rodriguez of DeKalb

Joyce A. Nicklas Memorial Scholarship – Meggie Woltmann of Sycamore

Kishwaukee College Engineering Scholarship – Alexander Barton of Genoa

Kishwaukee College Foundation Pay It Forward Scholarship – Lauren Lieser of DeKalb

Kenneth & Susan Doubler Scholarship Fund – Madison Cauldron-Boston of DeKalb

Kishwaukee College Alumni Association Scholarship – Belle Wellman of Kirkland

LaVerne “Dutch” Johnson Memorial Fund – Mia Coovert of Sycamore, Kayleigh Quinn of Shabbona, Autumn Kunkel of DeKalb, Austin Peters of Genoa

Law Enforcement Emergency Medical Services Scholarship – Matt Holuj of DeKalb

Mark Joseph Bussone Memorial Scholarship – Nicole Shipman of DeKalb, Alison Walitzer of Genoa

Nancy D. Castle Scholarship – Christian Perea-Morales of Sycamore, Sierra Price of DeKalb, Alan Pensado of DeKalb

Pat Humo Nursing Scholarship – Ayodele Oroye of DeKalb

Philip H. Nye Scholarship – Faith Lagunas of DeKalb, Carli Klein of DeKalb

Richard Akers Memorial Endowment – Lillian Johnson of Kingston, Mitchell Meyer of Sycamore

Rowland & Lucile Matteson Endowment – Destiny Bons of DeKalb, Jayna Masters of Genoa, Christina Fisher of Kingston

Ruth Ashelford Pollock Horticulture Fund – Destiny Bons of DeKalb, Jimmy Luna of DeKalb, Carolyn Wurtz of Malta, Ian Harrison of DeKalb, Jayna Masters of Genoa, Heather Harding of Malta

Ruth Ashelford Pollock Nursing Fund – Taylor Smith of Sycamore, Ngan Melton of Cortland, Grace Johnson of Sycamore, Destiny Halbert of DeKalb, Joan Pauline Balongag of Sycamore, Lauren Lieser of DeKalb, Raina Sands of Cortland, Shannon Gardner of DeKalb, Laura Kosturik of Esmond, Celia Huerta of Kingston, Brittany Stiles of Sycamore, Abigail Diehl of DeKalb, Aubrey Villarreal of Sycamore, Brittany Williams of Sycamore, Alexis Downey of Malta, Dennysha Kizer of DeKalb, Heather Carlson of Sycamore

Ruth I. Hall Nursing Endowment – Taylor Smith of Sycamore, Madisen Miller of Genoa, Alexandra Cluff of Waterman, Lauren Lieser of DeKalb, Shannon Gardner of DeKalb, Andrea Carmona of Waterman, Jessica Wojdyla of Kingston, Laura Kosturik of Esmond, Joellen Kile of DeKalb, Joan Pauline Balongag of Sycamore, Jonathan Rodriguez of DeKalb, Abigail Diehl of DeKalb, Ngan Melton of Cortland, Celia Huerta of Kingston, Samantha Navarro of DeKalb, Icela Mendoza of Genoa, Aubrey Villarreal of Sycamore, Amanda DeClue of Shabbona, Brittany Williams of Sycamore, Meggie Woltmann of Sycamore, Ayodele Oroye of DeKalb, Alexis Downey of Malta, Heather Carlson of Sycamore, Brittany Stiles of Sycamore, Hayley LeBouef of Cortland, Dennysha Kizer of DeKalb

Stephen P. Irving Family Scholarship – Joshua Ford of Sycamore, Stormy Erisman of DeKalb, Olivia Arias of Genoa, Jonathan Contreras of Genoa, Andrew Goncher of Cortland

Sycamore Hospital Physicians Nursing Endowment – Grace Johnson of Sycamore

Tom & Nancy Roberts Theatre Endowment – Matthew Sharp of Sycamore, Lillian Johnson of Kingston

Velta Smith Nursing Endowment Scholarship – Lauren Lieser of DeKalb

Wayne McIlrath Family Scholarship – Dale Giebel of Kirkland

William & Emiline Rood Family Scholarship – Mary Todd of Shabbona

Students who wished to remain anonymous are omitted from this list.

The online application process for the fall Kishwaukee College Foundation scholarships will be open from Feb. 28 to April 6. For more information on foundation scholarships, call 815-825-9803 or visit

Source: The Daily Chronicle

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