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Letter: Another day for Mary

I would like to add further to Mary’s Day written recently by Ms. Gena.

Mary couldn’t visit her father as often as she wanted because she couldn’t afford the gas after liberals shut down the pipeline. She missed her daily walk because the liberals defunded the police so it wasn’t safe anymore. As far as driving, she had to save money to pay for her car after she hit a pothole on the liberally funded “freeway.” Then, because of college forgiveness, backed by the liberals, her taxes are going to go up yet again. Mary is doing without because the shelves are either empty or she can’t afford the items due to increasing inflation.

I am not sure who to blame for the increasing costs but inflation is rising under this administration with liberals having the majority of the U.S. House and, yes, President Biden.

It is rough for Mary and many of us but we have the current administration and the liberal ideology to ensure everything will get better.

Nancy Pope


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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