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Letter: Appalling

To the Editor:

On July 24, the Kendall County GOP is planning on holding a political fundraiser at a Yorkville restaurant, which includes a raffle. The “prizes” offered are four guns of various types, including one similar to the high-powered assault weapon recently used in Highland Park. I contacted the RNC chair and asked the committee to reconsider and offer alternative prizes. He responded with the typical Republican platitudes of Second Amendment rights, thoughts and prayers for the victims, good vs. evil. At no time during our correspondence did the RNC chair offer a compromise.

I suggest that one solution to reducing gun violence is to not introduce more guns into our society – if not all guns, then at least assault weapons. There is no need for an assault weapon to be in the hands of civilians, even if legally registered and approved to purchase and use them. To offer one as a “prize,” especially following the Highland Park shooting right here in our state, is appalling.

I also contacted the Republican gubernatorial candidate, asking what his specific plans are to reduce gun violence. Crickets. Can we assume there are none?

Marcia VanDyke


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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