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Letter: Band-Aid fix

To the Editor:

It’s almost a daily occurrence where the liberals currently running our cities, states and federal government do something that would make the founding fathers of this great country roll over in their graves. It’s hard to believe that any sane person, whether liberal or conservative, feels good about what is going on. We now have a Supreme Court nominee who doesn’t know what a woman is, and the governor of Michigan referring to women as menstruating people.

We have 40-year high inflation numbers and the highest gas prices in history, which were brought about primarily by Biden’s stated goals and implemented policies of shutting down the petroleum industry and flooding the economy with trillions of dollars we don’t have. His only response to the crisis seems to be that it’s all Putin’s fault. And rather than addressing and correcting these failed energy policies, he is now suggesting the Band-aid fix of a three-month gas tax moratorium, which even Barack Obama is on record as saying is only a gimmick.

Chicago has implemented a policy that prohibits cops from chasing suspects involved in misdemeanors, sending the message to criminals that if you’re about to get caught, just run and you’ll be OK. This follows San Francisco green-lighting shoplifting of less that $950 worth of merchandise because it isn’t worth the time or effort to prosecute. And a liberal Los Angeles District Attorney recommended probation for a man convicted of felony firearms possession (a crime with a usual sentence of three years in jail). This felon previously served multiple prison terms, and while out on probation he murdered two police officers.

For six weeks, Biden and Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer gave their blessings and encouragement to the protesters outside the conservative Supreme Court Justices’ homes, which is against federal law. And after authorities arrested a person attempting to assassinate Justice Kavanaugh, outside Kavanaugh’s own home, not one word from Biden, Pelosi or Schumer condemning this type of action. It’s almost like they wish it would have happened.

DeVere Headrick


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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