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Letter: Betraying our democracy

To the Editor:

As your newspaper has consistently pointed out, a democracy fails to function when its citizens can no longer discern fact from fiction.

Unfortunately, by refusing to fully accept the certified results of the 2020 election, The Trump Party (formerly known as the GOP) has become a willing accessory to those who prize the pursuit of power over the value of facts.

Without evidence, they continue to question the election’s outcome while using empty slogans like “Stop the Steal” to rally their supporters to disregard the results.

As we all witnessed on Jan. 6, the propagation of this “Big Lie” by Trump and his party enablers has plunged us into chaos. This week, there are now more U.S. troops in Washington, D.C., than in Afghanistan and Iraq combined.

Even now, according to a Jan. 7 Marist poll, there are still approximately 54 million voters who continue to believe that Trump won.

Clearly, our country is greatly diminished when one of the two major political parties pushes their fantasy over reality.

Hopefully, the next time that voters go to the polls, they will remember that, when it mattered most, the Trump Party showed us that they are willing to betray our democracy in order to retain their power.

We can no longer afford to elect anyone from a party that ignores basic facts to make decisions that affect the lives of our families and friends.

Jerry Freda


Source: The Daily Chronicle

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